People we Know / Exhibition of collages / New Momnet Galery, Belgrade, November - December 2013

Merging the everyday with the exceptional, the street' & 'high' art, visual artist Dana MAAR creates collages that explore
the condition of contemporary visual culture. Her collages combine references to art historical paintings, films, fashion,
found ephemera, from newspapers , vintage, street & feminist magazines.

Re-configuring and intertwining these images, Dana MAAR reveals the disconnection between the glossy gleam of their surfaces
and the hidden and potentially gloomy reality behind their facades. Literally cutting and slicing images, or tearing in a primal
fashion; she physically and quite literally at- tempts to dissect the visual codes of our times, commenting on the current hybrid
identities of people around us & presents the objectification of women, in everyday life&publicity, -women in poses of submission
and brutality. Displacing and direct visual language Dana MAAR negotiates themes of memory, our collective past, mentality, excess,
and fantasy .

Form, composition & colour are constantly experimented with to provide a diverse aesthetic & contin- ually shifting body of work.
Her collages present the grotesque violence of an artificial world of images where nothing is real and everything is possible, where
the cruel merges with the banal