Action.Reaction.Interaction. MA Graduation Project

“The real voyage of discovery consists of not seeking new landscapes
but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust

As individuals we interact socially everyday. But we don’t interact enough
directly and consciously with our environment. My objective is to develop
a design practice which explore the relationship that we have with our
surroundings and how we can be challenged to act on a daily basis:
to explore our knowledge of our city as well as a sense of place,
in order to make our everyday life a unique urban experience.

Guiding people through the urban space, and surprising them by changing the signs,
playing with arrows, is a system to analyse the politically coded society today.
Challenging people’s senses, directional choices, trust, curiosity, behaviour-
in order to explore what makes sense for me, and how it can affect the others,
and to make them become active: to play with the environment.

Urban spaces and everyday life is my inspiration and field of practice.
My working methods include print and digital design, under research and
collection, collages, photomontages, writing, installation, and performance.
(printed on a newsprint paper).


page Chelasa MA Catalogue

exhibiton space / MA final show;
relationship with the object


exterior space / hijack the direction of the audience

directional arrows leading to the poster
outside the space