Requiem / visual identity for a theater play

Visual identity for a theater play "Requiem ", by Hanoch Levin (December 18, 1943 - August 18, 1999),
who was a prominent Israeli dramatist.

The plot incorporates three Chekhov stories – Rothschild’s Violin, Sorrow and Sleepy –
into one tale about death. The program notes state: “In a remote village somewhere in a big
land live two old people, a husband and wife, who fall ill and die, lamenting their lives.
A young mother, her baby son dying in her arms, walks in the fields in search of a cure.
A wagon driver whose son has died drives drunks and prostitutes in his wagon and has no one
to whom he can pour out his heart. The drunks and prostitutes pursue happiness, as cherubs
passing through collect the souls of the dead.” Requiem was the last play to be directed
by Levin in Cameri Theatre, Tel Aviv, 1999.

This project was led for the Belgrade Drama Theater (Beogradsko Dramsko Pozoriste), the play
was directed by Milica Kralj, March 2010.

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