Hurriedly, I walk through the city and its moods.
The streets are teeming with young people and decadence. In the background, music from the commercials
projected from the tops of the buildings can be heard, transvestites are eagerly awaiting pleasure
on the street corners, dealers are looking over their shoulders. In front of the club there’s a line
of young people, impatiently waiting to get hammered and dance the night away, standing under
the glaring lights of neighbouring sex-shops and rotating lights from police cars.
They are all fast and keen and I try to walk even faster in order to catch the meaning
of the moment called the city – metropolis.

This city lays down the rules, people go out, breath in deeply and switch on the action-mode.

It is rock&roll again, some other kids get into the groove, trying to follow in the footsteps of legends
- Mick Jagger, Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix, they play tectonic to the deafening sound of the bass,
without thinking about tomorrow.

I am telling the tale of all cities, the red-light district of Amsterdam, London’s Soho, the Pigalle in Paris,
New York’s Bronx, by using the technique of collage I link the elements of those urban landscapes populated with
lost souls. I link the old and the new, showing that it is just a moment in the present, and not the past or the future.
It is the underground culture, present in every city, the adrenalin booster, the root of our fears and the reason
for our wish to become a leading actor in yet another action movie.

The dawn is breaking, drunken girls are returning home with their make-up smudged, desperately trying to hail a cab.
The streets are filling up, the bars are closing their doors, and the madness never stops.

I am leaving slowly, the movie is almost over, I pick up my pace, sort out my thoughts and eagerly await tomorrow.